Consumers too often suffer the brunt of corporate wrongdoing, particularly though the use of false or misleading advertising, outrageous pricing for essential products and services, and the widespread use of unsolicited advertising practices. The attorney members of the Social Justice Law Collective have represented classes of consumers ranging from several hundred to over 100,000 in a variety of class actions designed to protect consumers and fight against abusive business practices. 


Medical Price Gouging

With the proliferation of profit-driven, private hospitals, price gouging for essential medical services and procedures has become unfortunately commonplace. Rather than serving those most in need, many hospitals have instead built profit-based models designed to extort the most out of the sick and vulnerable. Even if unpaid, the existence of these bills have untold consequences on those victimized by these billing practices.


Fortunately, there are underutilized laws designed to protect consumers against such predatory practices. If you have been charged exorbitant amounts for hospital-provided medical services, please contact one of our offices or fill out the form here. Together, we can make a difference.